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Transforming Last-mile Logistics

LogisticsX aims to utilise blockchain technology to create a decentralised platform that will transform last-mile logistics. We envision that the trustless nature of our platform will provide the foundation for a harmonised ecosystem, between the different stakeholders involved in the last-mile process such as the third party logistics companies, e-commerce retailers, logistics couriers and end recipients.

LogisticsX envisions to set forth a global standard for communications between logistics stakeholders to increase efficiency, transparency, and security in the global parcel delivery network.

Vision of LogisticsX

Reduce Missed PArcel Deliveries

LogisticsX connects global e-commerce retailers and logistics companies with Parker Points in an optimised manner, this will effectively reduce the number of missed parcels.

Increase parcel delivery Efficiency

Efficient multiparty ecosystem that ensures global logistics deliveries can be in a trustless and immutable manner.

Improve Employment Conditions OF Freelance Logistics couriers

Provides freelance logistics couriers an opportunity to obtain employment benefits in the sharing economy model.

Shopping online is easy and fun.
Waiting around for your parcel isn't.

Trustless Connect

Let the parcel speak for itself.

At the heart of the network, Trustless Connect is our indelible ledger upon which all our parcels will be tracked on. No one Logistics Provider is able to reverse changes without the other knowing. By protecting parcel transit details in the blockchain, there is no longer a requirement to require implicit trust between Logistics Provider records.

  • Real-time, immutable timestamping
    With parcel movement timestamps cryptographically locked into the blockchain, with real-time transactions enabled via loopchain technology, every participant will have the same point of reference, with tempering being virtually impossible.
  • Transparent interoperability
    With each parcel going through so many different logistics providers, sharing common information on a parcel's status is crucial. Logistics Providers will just need to create transactions in the blockchain to signal transfer of responsibility at FOB points.

Everyone Can Be Part Of The Last-Mile Ecosystem

We envision a new logistics last mile market, where any individual can contribute to improving the parcel delivery experience and earn in the process, reducing your wait time for parcels.

  • Parker Service
    Now anyone can open up free spaces in their homes or shops ("Parkers") as a parcel collection points for your neighbours. Help your neighbours reduce the distance of travel for last mile collection and get paid for it.
  • Runner Service
    Anyone can also sign up to be a freelance logistics courier ("Runners"). Earn from delivering parcels when you're walking or driving back home from work.

LogisticsX & Blue Whale Foundation

LogisticsX has partnering with Blue Whale Foundation, a blockchain tailored for the Gig Economy, where independent workers can take part in the sharing economy, while ensuring that they are fairly reimbursed for their efforts. With this, we are empowering the workers which will power the next-gen last-mile logistics economy.


Rewarding Stakeholders

Advancing logistics towards a decentralised, gig-based economy requires a way to pay and reward all stakeholders. Our collaboration with the Blue Whale Ecosystem will allow us to do so, ensuring everyone get paid their dues.

  • Contribution Activity Manager (CAM)
    Leveraging on Blue Whale Foundation, the Contribution Activity Manager will keep track of rewards earned by gig economy participants, through their activities.

    For example, Runners who complete a certain number of parcels in a week will be given a bonus reward via this system.
  • Reward Bank (ReBa)
    The Reward Bank is the means of receiving and disbursing payouts and reward tokens to the stakeholders.

    With this system, we are able to ensure transparency and trustworthiness in the distribution of LogisticsX tokens.


Q4 2018

  • Completed LogisticsX Private Token Sale
  • Participated LongHash Pitch Fest 2018
  • Launch of LogisticsX Pre & Public Sale
  • Incubated by Deblock accelerator jointly founded by ICON
  • Partnership with Temco -
    Global Supply-chain Logistics Alliance

Q1 2019

  • LogisticsX Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • Form Regionally Partnership with On-demand Platforms
  • Introduce Trustless Connect proof of concept to early adopters (MVP)

Q2 2019

  • Enrol new members to Global Supply-chain Logistics Alliance
  • Initiate partnership with exisiting 3PLs and E-commerce platforms to join LogisticsX (Closed Beta)
  • Featured LogisticsX project at ICX Station (Korea)
  • Setting up local office & team in Korea

Q3 2019

  • Integration of Collection Point & Parcels Lockers into LogisticsX
  • Complete on-boarding of early adopters onto LogisticsX Ecosystem
  • Featured LogisticsX project at ICX Station (Singapore)

Q4 2019

  • Global Online Retailer Integration into LogisticsX
  • International 3PLs Integration with LogisticsX
  • LogisticsX launches Runner Service

The schedule may be adjusted based upon development changes.

Token Details

1,000,000,000 PNP
Token Sales - 40%
Company Reserves - 20%
Community Reserves - 20%
Team & Advisors - 15%
Listing Fees - 5%
sales proceeds Allocation
Development - 50%
Operations - 20%
MArketing - 20%
Expansions & PArtnerships - 10%
Total Token Sale
400,000,000 PNP
soft cap
Hard Cap


Tan Gan Hong

Chief Executive Officer

Previously from:

  • Maybank Kim Eng
  • RHB Securities

Erik Cheong

Chief Operating Officer

Previously from:

  • Maybank Kim Eng
  • Noble Group

Victor Heng

Chief Technology Officer

Previously from:

  • Sphere POS
  • Hoiio

Joel Toh

Blockchain Lead

Previously from:

  • Wander
  • Perx

Joel Liu

Software Developer

Previously from:

  • Equinix
  • Perx

Jocelyn Chong

Marketing & Communications Manager

Previously from:

  • Swarovski
  • ZARA

Bryan Zhou

Sales Manager

Previously from:

  • INTL ZhengHe Commerce & Trading

Zheng Sheng Vong

Operations Manager

Previously from:

  • Singpost

Chin Pin Yee

Business Dev MAnager

Previously from:

  • Audi
  • United Overseas Bank



Managing Partner, TRIVE

Entrepreneur turned Venture Capitalist
Strategic partnership with ICON

Hyun Oh

Managing Partner, Deblock
Partner of LogisticsX

10 years software engineer experience with LG Electronics
3 years with Korea's largest corporate VC, GS Shop


CEO, Park N Parcel
Partner of LogisticsX

Serial entrepreneur with Logistics, Hospitality & Finance experience


Country Manager, DHL eCommerce Japan

With 18 years of experience in commercial leadership, e-commerce logistics


Country Manager, GOGOVAN Singapore

With 22 years experience of cross-functional roles in Business Development and Marketing


Country Manager, Aramex Singapore

With 12 years of experience and knowledge in the e-commerce vertical

Our First Adopter - Park N Parcel

Park N Parcel is a logistics startup that leverages on the sharing economy model to turn unused residential & commercial spaces into self-collection points - solving the missed parcel problem for online shoppers.

Park N Parcel Partners

Investors & Mentors